IP: dwominecraft.com

Minecraft 1.17 Arrives!

20 October 2021

1.17 Update

With glittering amethyst, glowing candles, and copper in all its (apparently limitless) forms - 1.17 is here on DWO!!

The complete and highly detailed list of new stuff can be found here on the Minecraft wiki. There are tons of new blocks and plants for Survival, and we can't wait to see how you'll all make use of them for making your obscure Doctor Who builds even more needlessly accurate. Copper blocks for that perfect Dalek? Sure! Candles for the 8th Doctor's console? Sure, have those too!

And as usual, a new update means new TARDIS consoles and rooms!

  • The Geode Room is just like the new underground crystals you'll find in Survival, but, well it's a room with doors on it. And flowers!

New Geode TARDIS Room

  • The Cave Console continues the theme of turning 1.17 biomes into TARDIS rooms, and is a small sized console complete with stalactite ceiling and stalagmite time rotor. Cosy?

New Cave TARDIS Console

  • The Weathered Console is similar to the normal Budget one, but built purely out of various stages of oxidised copper. Smells like pennies.

New Weathered Copper TARDIS Console

  • And finally, Eleventh's Copper Console! One of the most iconic consoles from the show that's always been missing from the server is here at last with the arrival of copper blocks. What's more, this is the first ever 3x3 chunk console, so with twenty-four room connection points it's by far the biggest. Be careful when growing it as it'll overwrite any of your nearby rooms! Jettison or move them first.

New Eleventh Doctor Copper Console

Plus a bunch of other small TARDIS fixes and new things for you to discover (try your sonic's 18th century upgrade!).

You can still log in from any version of the game, Java or Bedrock, but you'll need to update to 1.17 if you want to see and use all the new items. As usual, please shout or make a /modreq ASAP if you find any bugs or broken things so we can fix them!