IP: dwominecraft.com

Sandbox Reset - 26/09/14

26 September 2014

We'll be wiping the Sandbox again on Wednesday, October 1st.

Please make sure you get any builds you want moved moved before then, simply create a /modreq at the build and a staff member will move it for you when they see it.

If you have a build that won't be finished before the wipe, make a modreq at it anyway and we'll move it temporarily, then move it back when the sandbox is clear.

I'd advise making the modreq as soon as the build is done so we can get them out asap. If it won't finish I'd advise making it as late as possible so you can continue working on it on the days before the deadline, and we'll only move it out for the shortest amount of time.

If you don't get a build moved before and lose it we can possibly restore it if you're lucky, but if not then you should have been more organised about getting it moved.

I'll also be resetting the Survival Nether along with it, so make sure you get any valuables out before Wednesday. (You really shouldn't be storing valuables in the nether anyway.)