IP: dwominecraft.com

The Dalek Mod!

1 April 2021

You might have heard the recent unfortunate news that a fire temporarily took down the official Dalek Mod server. Obviously this is a tragedy, and far be it from us to sit idly by and not help those few lost players who cannot live without it. It's been requested since almost day one, and it's finally time - DWO is getting the Dalek Mod!

A classy and tasteful announcement photo

Of course, we're still committed to being a pure vanilla server for unmodded Java & Bedrock, which means we've taken it upon ourselves to build an entirely server-side version of the Dalek Mod, just for DWO! You can play it yourself right now, simply by logging into the server at dwominecraft.com - no mod needed.

Please note that while we did try and remember the mod's features, their server was down (y'know, because of the fire) so we've just sort of... guessed.

Please do let us know if you find any bugs, but I doubt it.