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The Yule Ball Returns!

01 December 2018

Coming this Christmas! It’s time to ice-rink your boats and festive jingle your dancing… feet. It’s the one and only…

Yule Ball

Coming Saturday 22nd December to a St Paul’s Cathedral near you!

We encourage you to wear your fanciest attire and bring your finest shift-mashing, mouse-spinning dancing skills and we cannot wait to see you all there, for what is Christmas without a festive Minecraft ball?

Also, make sure to cross your fingers and make a wish to Santa or your alternate festive deity that you’ll be one of this year’s winners at the annual (it’s the second one in two years so it’s annual) DWO Minecraft Awards Ceremony!

Vote here…


…to nominate the players you think most deserve recognition this year across a plethora of exciting categories – some old, some new, some old but renamed! The winners will be announced at the Yule Ball! You should really, definitely go!