IP: dwominecraft.com

Kerblam Kerfuffle

12 December 2020

Great work everyone, every package we ordered has been successfully found and returned to us in the Gallery! All our Christmas gifts - the Ride, the Snowball Arena, a Survival Store, a brand new TARDIS Console, and Glacier Intelligence - are back, unpacked, and ready to use! Seems like we've a lot of leftover packages addressed to citizens of London though.

Let's check in with the Thorpe Investigates crew, hopefully they've had plenty time to find out what happened.

Oh, er, yes maybe we should've realised that using an inter-galactic delivery company might've come with some complications. Those smiley Postman just seemed so trustworthy! You heard Judy though - it looks like we're going to need to do some posting of our own, and get these packages back to their intended destinations. Chat to Judy and she'll give you a package to deliver, all you need to do is check the label and find the right person in London to give it to! I'm sure we could also help them out with mapping London for future deliveries - who knows the city better than you guys after all this? The Kerblam Engineers are up in the BT Tower trying to figure out flight paths, so go have a chat with them. And, er, maybe someone should check in on Morgan and Noodle before they run around and wreak their usual havoc with those lost robots.

Packaging Room

They're all waiting for us in the Package Room - just follow the green line from Creative Spawn. Make sure you chat to all of them to find out what they need you to do, and to see how we're progressing with getting this Christmas finally back on track. Help contribute to any one of their challenges and you can grab yourself the limited edition event pin.

Let's make Kerblam proud!