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Build Exploring Made Easier

15 February 2022

Ten whole years worth of builds from nearly sixty years worth of Doctor Who - it's really starting to accumulate! You probably noticed we recently expanded all our set areas in order to fit even more detailed recreations of people places and things from the show.

But with so much stuff to see, finding just the episode you're looking for can be an impossible task! So that's why we're introducing the Builds Menu, as your handy catalogue and guide to all the eras of the show. Just type /builds at any time to browse through all the builds from the server's history. You can also have a look at just builds you've worked on, or favourite builds you love revisiting and need to get to quickly! Ideal for those of you who know there's the perfect set for your roleplay somewhere around here, but you just can't quite find it.

Builds Menu window in game

This is taking the place of the old build portals, which were great for highlighting our favourite builds but left a lot of people's builds out of the limelight! At the end of the National Gallery corridor the portal will now open up the menu for you instead, to find exactly what you're looking to explore.

Got any ideas for how we could make this even better or more useful? Shout! We're nowhere near done cataloguing all the builds yet either, so more will keep appearing soon. If you've got a particular build that doesn't seem to be in there, feel free to let us know and we'll get it added.