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DWO Survival 3.0

18 June 2016

Survival 3.0

It's finally time, the long-awaited brand new Survival world is here! Complete with fresh 1.9 biomes and features, and a completely new and clear landscape to build whatever you can imagine into. This post has all the information you'll need about the new world and it's new features, so please make sure you give it a read before you set off on your travels.

The Rules

  1. Don't grief.

    Fairly obvious - griefing is not allowed in Survival, just as anywhere else on the server. If you get griefed, just make a /modreq and leave it alone (please don't repair it, or it just makes it harder to figure out what happened!) Similarly, make a /modreq even if you just find some grief! We'll only find grief if someone reports it, and to stop the world descending into that mess that was around the old Survival spawn, we rely on you guys to keep us informed when builds get griefed, even if it's not your build. There's no limit on modreqs, so just walking around making tons at anything griefed will help us make the Survival a cleaner, better place. ​

  2. No TNT, fire or lava.

    Simple enough, just don't use them. If you need something set on fire (such as a fireplace, not a friend's house) or some lava placed, just make a modreq or ask a staff member. Bear in mind if you need lava placed, you need to provide the lava bucket yourself - it's Survival after all. ​

  3. Don't attempt to kill other players

    PVP is already off, but finding creative ways to kill people anyway is still not allowed. It's not only a mean thing to do, but you'd hate it just as much if someone did it to you. Yes, this means no big pits with hoppers at the bottom. ​

  4. Plant saplings after cutting down trees

    Renewable resources don't work if you don't renew them. You undoubtedly caught a sapling as you were cutting it down, all you've gotta do is stick it back down and someone else will be able to get started punching trees too. Also try and make sure to remove the whole tree so it decays naturally, don't leave a floating treetop. This doesn't apply on private property, like in your own tree farm etc. ​

  5. Follow community rules

    If you're part of a community, you need to follow their town rules. We won't ultimately punish anyone for breaking a rule that's not a wider server rule, but town owners can and are allowed to kick you out for not following the rules. (More on communities later). ​

  6. Stealing and trespassing is allowed

    Yes, really. If you do not lock a chest, it is considered un-owned and up for grabs, and people are free to take items from it. If you do lock the chest but use the '[Everyone]' tag, then it is stealing (as the chest is marked as yours). Same goes for doors - if you don't lock a door, it's not trespassing when someone enters the room. Obviously if you're breaking blocks to enter a room, then you're griefing. Don't do that. ​

Survival Communities

In Survival you can now officially form your own settlements, and even get perks for bringing in more and more citizens! There are four tiers of community - Hamlet, Village, Town and City - and each one has different requirements to qualify and perks you receive.


To become a Hamlet, all you need is 10 citizens (one of whom must be the town mayor). A citizen is a player who has joined your town, and is not a member of any others. You can have people living there that also live somewhere else, but they can only be a citizen of 1 town. It's the town mayor's duty to keep an official register or who lives in their town When you become a Hamlet, you'll be listed on the official Community list in the Community room at spawn, and will receive a starter care package of building materials to help get your settlement started.


A village needs at least 20 citizens, as well as a clearly defined boundary and at least five separate town buildings. The boundary doesn't have to be a ten foot wall, but must make it clear to passers by where your land expands to. On becoming a village, you will receive a marker on the map to show where your town is, and your land will be protected so that no players can build in it other than the citizens you add.


A town needs at least 30 citizens. You also need to have at least one farm (of any crop), a communal town mine, and a town hall. You need a total of ten separate buildings, and they must be good quality. If you have ten dirt or cobble shacks, you will not be able to become a town. It might help to decide on a building style for your town, then you can build every new building to fit the style with some good quality blocks. Becoming a town will get you connected to the official Survival Railway. Staff will add the platforms for you, and you'll need to build a station building yourself, to fit your town.


A city needs at least 50 citizens, as well as multiple (2+) farms for multiple different crops, and 25 high quality, distinct buildings. At this stage, the town must be high quality across the board - simple wood and glass houses won't cut it. In reward for reaching the peak of civilisation, you will receive a direct portal connection to the Survival Spawn, through the portal in the community room. You'll also get the ability to block monsters from spawning inside your city protection region.

Visit the Community Room (green) in the Survival Spawn for info if you need it, as well as the City portal.

The Survival Railway

At long last, Survival is now facilitated by a wide spread, high speed underground rail network. On the Dynmap you can hover over the layers widget in the top left and select "Survival Railway" to view the lines and stations. There are currently four lines for each cardinal direction, and each one goes almost to the World Border.

The railway banner

Anywhere you see this symbol is an official part of the Survival Transit Network, and in case you're wondering when you encounter a random station building in the wild.

Each station has a "Spawn Cart" button that will place a cart on the track for you. To start moving, all you have to do is get in. When you reach a station, you'll stop at something like this. If this is your stop, just hop out the cart and follow the signs to the surface. To keep going, press the button directly next to the "Next Stop" sign. In stations like these, the "Spawn Cart" button is located on the back of the pillar in that image. You won't need to press anything as you travel (in fact, pressing W will probably slow you down ;))

I'd like to strongly advise using the railway to leave spawn. You can leave spawn via the surface, but the railways will help players get spread out and find some empty space away from the centre - as we all know from previous Survival, things get messy when people just immediately build outside the spawn protection. To get to the Spawn interchange, just take the stairs down from the middle level (or just jump, there's no fall damage in spawn).

Survival Market

Located in the Yellow area of Spawn, the Market is the place to go to buy yourself new blocks and items for Survival. Unlike the previous Minemart, the Market has a much smaller catalogue, and is most useful for stocking up on building blocks. If there's anything in particular that it doesn't sell that you'd really wanna buy, feel free to request it. The other big feature inside the Survival Market is something new - the Survival Item Exchange.

When the exchange is open, you can trade in certain items in return for credits! A gold ingot will get you 9 credits (so 1 for a nugget or 49 for a block) and an emerald is worth 15 credits (135 for a block). You can only trade in your items when a staff member opens up the exchange to accept them, so save up!

We hope you've enjoyed your stay in the Vault, and wish you well on your return to the surface. Don't hesitate to ask us any questions about your return to civilisation, and be wary when approaching any life forms that may have taken up residence while we were away.