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Sonic Screwdrivers

24 January 2014

You're going to have to bear with me here, as they're not exactly the most simple things in the world.

To craft your base Sonic Screwdriver, put this recipe in a crafting table:

tardisrecipe sonic (or do '/tardisrecipe sonic' in game)

The basic Sonic Screwdriver has a handful of functions.

  • Toggle Levers, Buttons and Doors from a distance
  • Sort the contents of a chest by left clicking it. (I haven't got this to work so I might not be implemented yet, and I wouldn't recommend using it in Creative or you'll smash the chest)
  • Open a simple GUI for your TARDIS preferences by shift right-clicking

The basic Screwdriver can be upgraded with different circuits to add more functionality. Once you've crafted a circuit, simply place it in a crafting table with your Screwdriver to upgrade it.

The 'Bio-Scanner' Upgrade allows you to get information about a player such as their health and hunger when you right click them. Honestly I have no idea why you wouldn't to know that stuff but whatever...

tardisrecipe r-circuit (or do /tardisrecipe bio-circuit in game)

The 'Redstone Activator' Upgrade allows you to toggle all other redstone circuits, such as lamps, pistons, wire, rails etc.

tardisrecipe r-circuit (or do /tardisrecipe r-circuit in game)

The 'Emerald Environment' Upgrade allows you to scan the environment around you (just like your TARDIS Scanner does), but at your location.

tardisrecipe e-circuit (or do /tardisrecipe e-circuit in game)

The 'Diamond Disruptor' Upgrade allows you to instantly destroy glass blocks, iron fences and web by left clicking them, but will also act like Silk Touch and will drop the block instead of losing it. (Obviously this is only useful in Survival).

tardisrecipe d-circuit (or do /tardisrecipe d-circuit in game)

Because inventories aren't shared across worlds, this means you will have to re-craft your Screwdriver for each different world (including your TARDIS). This at least makes it a bit of a challenge to get the good upgrades in places where they'll be useful. ;)

If the recipes aren't working for you then the recipes may have changed, try using the command below each image as these always show the current recipe for each item.

Other New Features to TARDISes:

  • You can now pilot your TARDIS to caves! Use /tardistravel cave to select a random Cave destination.
  • The Rendering Room! This is a new room that acts as part of your TARDIS Scanner. If you have the Render Room, using your Scanner will create a visualisation of the area immediately outside your TARDIS in the Render Room, so you can view where you've landed without having to exit. (You can't enter the room manually, it has to be accessed via the scanner, the room will be available on Buycraft soon).
  • Artron Energy has changed slightly! You now have energy both inside your TARDIS, and inside your own body. Right clicking your energy capacitor will show the amounts, the percentage full and the maximum you can have. For some reason the maximum doesn't actually work but whatever. You can also craft an Artron Storage Cell, which allows you to move energy around and even give it to other players. (Although it's creative so it doesn't really matter.) The cell recipe is /tardisrecipe cell, and you can fill the cell with /tardisartron [tardis|timelord (where to take the energy from)] [amount]. You can empty a cell into your TARDIS by right clicking your energy capacitor with it.

On a final note, I'd recommend Cardinals use disable the new TARDIS preference 'build' by doing /tardisprefs build off. This disables the plugin from automatically allowing any Companions to build in your TARDIS, so you can then use the /tardisbuild command to add people one by one and keep your TARDIS grief free.

Enjoy, and please don't break things! :dodgy: