IP: dwominecraft.com

Minecraft 1.18

21 February 2022


When we started we were on Minecraft version 1.1. Superflat worlds had just been added a month earlier, which probably means our creative world is one of the oldest still evolving! It would be another few weeks after we started before redstone lamps or jungle trees would be added. Remember when updates used to be every few weeks??

And now, just shy of ten whole years later - Minecraft 1.18 arrives! This is probably the most groundbreaking change in our history, so perfectly timed for our big birthday - the world height has now been increased significantly! This is across every world, so the Sandbox now has lots more room up above for the tallest police box, and your plots will have even more room for hidden underground shenanigans. In Survival, the entire world is generating brand new caves right below your feet - so get digging!

Now back at Christmas you may remember the Sixth Doctor gave you a choice, and he'll be true to his word - 1.18 means the Survival world will be expanding!! With all new biomes, caves, cliffs, mobs, ores and whatever else beyond the border to explore. This won't be right away - we'll give you some time to explore all that new underground first - but will be within the next few weeks, and we'll announce the time as soon as we know so that you can all be first to race for goats or whatever it is you're really after. It's also worth saying that we've no idea what biomes will generate with our seed and 1.18 so sorry in advance if it's not the biomes you wanted, but that's Minecraft!

Division Console

Plus, with a new update comes a brand new TARDIS console! The Division's Interuniverse Console, from Flux! Grow it yourself using Pink Glazed Terracotta as the seed.

As usual if you find any issues or bugs with the update, please make a /modreq or let the staff know.