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Summer of Survival

1 August 2022

Summer of Survival

Since we arrived here in our fourth Survival world back on the 21st of August 2020, the land has flourished with builds and bases popping up all across the landscape, and the discovery of more mystical realms with the opening of The Nether and The End. New territories have been discovered, giving access to newer and better resources for you all to build with. Now our second year here comes to a close, who knows what's next on the horizon as we celebrate the rocket's anniversary with the Summer of Survival!

  • Efficiency pickaxes and fire-resistance potions at the ready, The Nether will be resetting on Sunday 7th August @ 7pm!
  • Get your armour polished, sharpen your swords, stock up on arrows... The Dragon will be respawned in The End on Sunday 14th August @ 7pm!

The Summer of Survival is for everyone, so we've set up a special events noticeboard in the East of Spawn to keep track of everything that's happening. Everyone is welcome to have their own celebrations, so if you've got an event that you'd like to host for the community, head on over and stick up a sign!

Events Noticeboard