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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I be admin?


How do I become staff then?

Staff members are chosen from our player base. We look for players who are committed and care about the server, in addition to being mature and able to take on responsibility.

We do not advertise when we are looking to recruit and there is no application program. If you want to get on the staff team, behave yourself on the server, do NOT get involved with arguments or try to enforce rules on others - particularly if staff are already handling it. Beyond that, there is nothing more you can do. If we think you would make good staff material and are looking for recruiting more, we will message you.


I got banned - how can I get unbanned?

Click here to go to the Ban Appeal thread on our forums.

My friend got banned, how can I get them unbanned?

Tell them to go to the ban appeal thread themselves. Please do not appeal for them.

TARDIS plugin

I want a TARDIS!

Don’t we all? A working TARDIS is a perk given to Cardinals as a thank you for donating to the server. Simply donate and you’ll be able to explore the universe.

Why can’t I have free TARDIS? Other servers have them!

Other servers aren’t as big as we are. Running a server costs money and the TARDIS plugin costs quite a lot to run thanks to the number of TARDISes we have. We therefore need to ensure we get enough money to keep running and allow all of our donators to have a fully working TARDIS.

Helping with the server

I have an idea for the server. Where can I tell you about it?

Awesome! Tell us about it on the server, or better yet; make a post about it in the ideas thread on the forums. Be warned though, just because you want something, doesn’t mean you’ll get it.


A player wasn’t being nice to me. What can I do?

If a player on the server is being rude, spamming or shouting - make a /modreq to let staff know.

A player keeps arguing with me! What do I do?

Best thing to do is ignore them. If you argue back, you become part of the problem.

A player from the server is bullying me outside of the server. What can you do?

Not much. We have no control outside of the officially run chats and forums. If you are being bullied or think you might be but aren’t sure, read through the information from BullyingUK to help put a stop to it and protect yourself.

Can I give out personal details on the server?

You should never give details about yourself to people you don’t know. In online games it is very easy to think you know who someone is - when in fact you know nothing about them and they are not who they say they are. For more information about staying safe read through the information from BullyingUK on how to stay safe online.

Cardinal Info

What is the Cardinal rank?

The Cardinal rank is our donator rank. It is not a staff rank and is no more important than the Gallifreyan rank.

How do I become a Cardinal?

You can become a Cardinal by donating to the server’s BuyCraft site. Do /buy in-game or visit our BuyCraft page.

How much does Cardinal cost?

The Cardinal rank costs £10 (roughly $12.50 USD, $16.50 CAD, or $17 AUD)

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