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Series 10 Party!

8 April 2017

We're now officially less than a week away from brand new Doctor Who, which can only mean one thing - time for another Doctor Who Launch Party!

Our Series 10 party will be replacing Games Night next week at 6pm BST on the 15th, before the first episode airs at 7:20pm. As usual we'll be hosting it in London's Trafalgar Square, and our team of magicians have already been busy getting the decorations ready. You might even have a chance to win a prize, as we'll be hosting a few competitions across the hour!

  • The Doctor Who Quiz is back! It's fastest finger first on Who trivia, so brush up on your knowledge (and typing skills)!
  • Doctor Who Skin Competition! Come dressed up in your fanciest party skin and show it off at the party. Get your photo snapped in the party photo booth on the night, and staff will pick a winner for our favourite Doctor Who related skin! (But remember no spoiler skins please!)

At the end of the night, we'll watch the final few minutes tick down on our oversized countdown clock, then after the episode hop back on to /spoilerchat to discuss every little detail of what just happened!


Hope to see as many of you there as possible, because it's not a DWO party without a huge group of people all spamming fireworks together!


Our Updated Spoiler Rules

6 April 2017

Since we're getting close to the start of Series 10 and it's been an eon since the last time the show was on, a refresh and reminder of our spoiler rules:

  • When a new episode airs, you MUST talk about it in /spoilerchat for the first 48 hours after UK broadcast. After that, main chat is fine.
  • Similarly, you cannot BUILD anything from a new episode until 48 hours after UK broadcast.
  • Absolutely all promotional content (including trailers, images and "Next Time" segments) is spoilers until it has actually aired as part of an episode.
  • Episode titles are spoilers (just refer to them by number)
  • Episode synopsis' are spoilers.
  • Speculation about what you think might happen is fine, unless you're basing it on anything that comes under spoilers (e.g., something you saw in the trailer).
  • BUT: anything officially announced on the BBC website (like this or this) is okay to talk about, with one exception. That exception is the news item they released today (6/4/17), which will still be counted as spoilers. This is a special case due to the BBC being forced to announce it after it was leaked (and also because it's a stupid thing to reveal, like what happened with the Hell Bent synopsis...)

You won't be banned if you mention that last point in chat as we can't expect people to know it's being counted as spoilers, but it'd just be really great if you didn't. Likewise, there are things that have been announced that are therefore not spoilers, but bear in mind some people don't want spoiled. We won't punish you for talking about them, but it's still cool to be considerate that some people might not want to hear.

You'll never be banned for spoiling things. You will only be tempbanned if you spoil with malicious intent, or give away major spoilers. For example, spoiling something for someone because you don't like them is being malicious. Major spoilers are usually very obvious - the last time we had to tempban for that was after Heaven Sent when people logged in to immediately shout "omg clara died!". Don't do that ya silly sausage.

Please try and be wary of what you talk about over the next 13 weeks, and remember not everyone gets the same kick out of knowing things that you do. Thank you!


The 1.11 Update is Here

6 March 2017

It's finally happened - Minecraft 1.11 has arrived on DWO! This update brings a suite of new features from Shulker Boxes to Llamas, plus a brand new TARDIS update for DWO! Bear in mind that there'll be a few features you won't be able to experience on our server - the new Woodland Mansions and the Illagers, and the exploration map probably won't be much use when we have a dynmap.

There's two big new TARDIS features which I'll give a little guide to now, as well as a handful of smaller bits and bobs and fixes.

The first big new feature - The TARDIS Archive!

You can now save your custom console designs into your TARDIS archive, and regrow them later whenever you like! To access the archive, you'll see this new button added to the /tardis desktop menu:

Archive Button

Inside you'll see a list of all your archived consoles, as well as a few other buttons for managing your console.

Archive Menu

To archive a console, you can either click the Archive Current Console button from this menu (which will give it a random name!), or do /tardis archive add [name]. You can then add a description to remember what is is with /tardis archive description [name] [description]. You can only have three consoles saved for now, so choose wisely!

There's also 3 buttons at the bottom of the menu to access three different sizes of "empty" console templates. They're all just big ugly cobble boxes so really it's easier to just use the blank console and build the size you want inside it.

Bear in mind though - this feature is very touchy. It doesn't seem to take much to break it. I wouldn't count on it for storing your precious console designs in, and if you finish one that you like it might still be wise to get it moved to Console Square for posterity. Usually if it gets broken it seems that just jiggling around and clicking different buttons unjams it. Or makes it worse.

And the other new feature is a revamped version of an old one - the all new Chameleon Circuit!

Your circuit now looks like this, with five different modes to choose from. The green block indicates which one you've currently got active.

Chameleon Circuit

The modes are:

  • Off: This is the default disguise, the Factory Fresh cylinder.
  • Adaptive: This mode adapts to it's environment, and can have one of two settings. In 'Biome' mode, the TARDIS will disguise itself to fit in whichever biome you land in, from barren desert to taiga forest. In 'Block' mode, it will disguise as whatever block it lands on.
  • Invisible: This is the Invisible TARDIS setting (like in The Impossible Astronaut).
  • Shorted Out: The Doctor's favourite, you can short out your circuit to stick it on any one specific design. Click this button to open the familiar window, where you can select a disguise to stick with.
  • Construct: Build your own disguise. This works just the same as before.

Once you're done picking, remember to press the 'Apply Now' button in the top left to activate your disguise!

The TARDIS construct also has a nice new feature, which is customising the sign text on your TARDIS. To set your own, just do /tardis construct [line number] [text], then rebuild.

There are also two new TARDIS rooms! The Stall room is just like the Stable room but for llamas (unfortunately the farming feature likely won't work still, sorry!). There's also the new Smelter room, which lets you mass smelt items. Just throw everything you want smelted into the centre chest with enough fuel, and the TARDIS will automatically space them out across all the furnaces for maximum efficiency. Obviously this won't be too helpful in Creative, but it's still pretty cool. Both rooms are available now in the store, and will be added to Hedgewicks soonTM.

(This update also fixes the big bug that's been crashing the server unfortunately frequently lately, as well as a few others. Fingers crossed we should be back to normal on that front now!)

I hope you all enjoy, and as usual if you have any issues make sure to give a staff member a shout asap and we'll see if we can fix it!


Five Years Old!

22 February 2017

It was a cold February night in the year two thousand and twelve. Adventurers all across the world were mining, crafting and exploring with joy; and the builders relished in the newest feature - creative mode. But one group stayed out, cold and alone - nobody understood why they built those boxes of blue and plungers of stone. "The whovians" they called themselves, with fezzes on their skins and sticks in their hands. They had nowhere to be, and nowhere to build; a lone griefed dalek the only sign that one of them had ever visited a world's destroyed landscape.

And it was on that one cold night that one community - itself a survivor of the lone wilderness years known as... the nineties - decided this could not stand. It should not be right that so many lost players should have nowhere to build their obscure references to an episode nobody remembers. And so it came to pass that through the evening and the dark of the night, a new world did appear - a world by the name of "Doctor Who Online".

Time began to pass, and more and more of the Whovians heard of the place. What had started as a fiery landscape of grief had turned to cobble, and the world of Doctor Who began to thrive there. Five years passed, and in what once was a desolate landscape now stands a city, surrounded on all sides by constructions, builds and artwork from thousands of dedicated players - without whom this place, this Doctor Who Online, would not exist at all.

Birthday Cake

So yes, it finally happened - today marks the fifth year since our Minecraft server first opened its doors. In that time it's fair to see we've seen literally everything, and done more than I ever imagined - from builds to events to games to time machines to theme parks. But none of that means anything without the other thing that's been here for all five of those years - the players. Without you guys, this stuff just doesn't exist. Without the generosity of those of you who have helped to keep us running so long, we just wouldn't be. And without the generosity of those who just spent some time on the server, nobody else after you could have either. Thank you to every single person who just clicked on to have a little look around, and thank you to those who decided to stay. Thanks to those of you who stepped up to help us run the place, and for dedicating dumb amounts of your time to making sure that happens. And thanks to those that were never asked, but dedicate that time regardless.

So today isn't really our birthday, it's all of ours. It's the fifth year that you guys have kept coming back, and it's only right that we give something back too. So today, it's time for a proper bananza - we'll be hosting our first ever All-Star Celebrity Big Money Round Jumbo Deluxe Edition Games Night! On Ice! With no celebrities! Tonight, join us in Trafalgar Square at 10pm GMT (that's 5pm EST or 2pm PST!) to blow out the candles on our gigantic London sized cake! Unfortunately due to the size of the candles (I bought them online and they didn't add a picture...) we're gonna need some help to blow them out. The more of you we can get online to help us blow, the better chance we've got - let's see if we can't beat our player record!

Then we'll be heading to the Games World for a night of ruthless slaughter family fun! But tonight, it's with a difference - we'll be awarding prizes to those of you who do best! For every game that you win - be it just you in Build Battle, or your whole team in Gang Wars - we'll award you with GBP0.50 credit for our Buycraft store. The more games you play and the better you play them, the higher your birthday jackpot becomes. Who knows - maybe the best players might even be able to get themselves Cardinal as a birthday present? Let the best players win!

Also, we've got a new forum thread for sharing your favourite photos, moments and memories from the five years past on the server - head over there to post them and see what everyone else has added!

So to recap: 10pm tonight, Trafalgar Square. Be there, or be stuck at 4 years old forever!


Kill The Moon

17 December 2016

For Day 17 of Advent, we have a terrible decision to make.

Do you have what it takes to save humanity? The moon is gaining mass at an exponential rate, and it's up to you to save our planet. Step aboard the space shuttle and journey to Minera Luna San Pedro, where you'll have to use your astronaut brains and think on your feet to complete your mission and Kill the Moon.

Be aware - this game is very hard. You probably won't complete this on your first time through. It's a puzzle game with elements of classic point and click adventures and PvE. It can be played alone or in a group, so gather a team of your best astronauts if you're thinking about taking it on.

Thanks to alon_gr for the initial idea, and for building parts of the map!