IP: dwominecraft.com

Server Rules

No Griefing or TNT

Griefing means destroying, editing or altering other people's builds without their permission. Even if you think you're helping with someone's build, it counts as griefing! Also please don't use TNT, it is not allowed!

Don't Spam

Spamming is doing the same thing over and over again that could be spamming chat messages, teleport requests, or blocks in creative!

No Hacks, Cheats or Exploits

Using hacks and cheats is unfair to other players, and ruins the fun! Mods such as fly mod, speed hacks or x-ray count as hacks, and are not allowed. Exploiting means using bugs and server glitches to your advantage, e.g. duplicating items.

Don't Advertise Other Servers

You can't mention other servers, or use our server to tell players about another one - it's common courtesy! Yes, that includes in private messages.

Respect Other Players

Discrimination or bullying of any kind will not be tolerated. That includes anything from racism and sexism, to taunting someone for not knowing an obscure Who fact. No swearing, repeated bad language won't be tolerated! If another player bullies you, let us know with a /modreq!

Have Fun!

Killjoys will receive a visit from The Happiness Patrol!

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